The automotive industry is as diverse as any other perhaps even more so. It doesn’t matter what aspect of it you work in, whether it be selling brand new sports cars or second-hand people carriers. You can specialise in restoring old classics or repairs for the whole spectrum of the motoring world. What is critical to you and your is the flow of customers.

Web Design For The Automotive Industry With Merlins Mule

A well-designed, easy-to-use website, optimised for your area – both in terms of location and specialisation – will be key to new, relevant customers finding you. Just like an engine, that website needs to run smoother than a DB9, with all the moving parts working in perfect harmony for your business. It’s got to look good, it’s got to load quickly, it needs to tie-in perfectly with your social-media to generate that word-of-mouth buzz, and perhaps most importantly of all it has to be relevant.

If you have a reputation for stocking old, hard-to-find parts for mini-coopers in the North West it’s not a lot of use when people can only find you when they’re looking for a used-car salesman in Exeter. Of course, if your parts are that rare, we do want them to find you. We know what petrol-heads are like, and we’ll make sure that happens too, if need be.

Your business is competitive though. Let’s face it, the automotive industry is pretty much the backbone of this country. Without well-running vehicles the place would probably fall apart. Your skills, your business keep us all moving, so let Merlin’s Mule join your team to make you stand out from the crowd. We can’t change a Formula One tyre in under 3.9 seconds, but we’ll make damned sure that everyone else knows that you can.